Michele Bean provides the following services personally:


  • Assistance in wine design (from the land to the cellar)
  • Assistance to selection of cellar equipment and facilities
  • Fine-tuning and problem solving in winemaking for red, white and sweet wines
  • Assistance in wine refining, bottling and after bottling period


  • Land selection and preparation
  • Staff training on grape tasting criteria and procedures
  • Analysis/estimate of viticulture and winemaking potential
  • Assistance during winter pruning and canopy care and treatment
  • Nutrizione e difesa convenzionale, biologica e biodinamica
  • Grapevine nutrition and protection with conventional organic and biodynamic techniques


  • Work planning and management
  • Staff training


  • Fine-tuning and problem solving in winemaking for sparkling wines (Franco dalla Rosa)
  • Assistance in the Due Diligence for sale/purchase of agricultural lands ( Greatestate & Chesterton London )